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DCJ, Inc. Is Your One Stop For All Your Cable Needs.

Dayton Clutch is a proud assembler of Cablecraft. Whether you're looking for bulk quantities or a single cable, our certified assemblers can custom make your control cables based on your specifications or per sample, with minimum lead time and shipped nationwide.


Our Custom Push-Pull Cables, range from very light duty to heavy duty with cable travel up to 6". We offer both Utility and Low-Friction-EXT cables. Rest assure that our qualified team will build you the right cable for the right job.

Push-Pull Cable

Pull Only Clutch Cable

(Brake / Clutch / Accelerator)

Our Pull Only Cables include Brake (3000 Series and 1500 Series with a variety of clevises, including Open Strap Clevis, Step Strap Clevis and Closed Strap Clevis), Clutch (Generic clutch replacement, General Motors® style clutch cable and Mack Truck® style clutch cable.) and Accelerator (Throttle Cables).

Control Head

Our Control Head Cables include Micro Adjust, Twist Lock with two available handles (2.38" Plastic Handle & 3.5" Metal Handle) and Non-Lock with three available mountings (3/8" - 24 UNF, 7/16" - 20 UNF and 5/8" - 18 UNF). The travel on these cables goes up to 3". Low Friction-EXT, Utility and Bristow cables are available (with some exceptions).

Non-Lock Control Head Cable

Cable Components

Cable Components

Our Cable Components include Slip Clevis, Female Threaded Eye Ends, End Rod Thread Adapters, Threaded Pivots, Wire Stop/Pivot, Wire Stop, U-Bolts, VLD/LD Mounting, Strap Clamps and Shims, Compression Springs, Bellows, Spring Return Kits, Umbrella Seals, Knobs/Handles, Hydrobacks, Spool Valve Adapters, Modulator Assemblies and Replacement Cables.

Other Offerings

DCJ offers a variety of other cables including, Quick Stick Cables, Modulator Cables, Joy Stick Cables, Remote Valve Control Cables(Spool Valve / Husco Valve) and Automotive Shift Cables(B&M®/Dodge®/Hurst®).

For availability and quotes or any other assistance,
please Call (800) 886-7804 or (937) 236-9770

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