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Drive Shaft Manufacturing and Repair

Our driveline department integrates certified machine welding with state-of the art equipment to provide the highest quality drive shafts.
Our OE drive shaft manufacturing including assistance during the R&D phase all the way through production for a range of mid-level OEM with minimal lead times.
We can assist you in trouble shooting your off-road and racing application as modifications and increased torque/horsepower require upgrades to your existing driveline.
We can also repair or replace your existing drive shaft as needed.

Driveline Manufacturing and Repair

Driveline Services

Drive Shaft Balancing

A drive shaft in a state of unbalance will vibrate as an indirect effect of the centrifugal force created as the heavier side of the shaft makes a revolution. A dynamic balancing machine is used to rotate the shaft and sensors detect the points of unbalance by its specific sine frequency (basically a sound wave). An unbalanced drive shaft is then balanced by attaching a counter weight opposite from the heavier side.

A shaft is balanced as slow as possible for safety purposes, but as fast as necessary for its intended application. A perfectly true balance is not possible. Reducing an unbalance to acceptable tolerances in order to negate vibration is the goal.

For more information on our driveline services, please call (800) 886-7804 or (937) 236-9770.